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Winter Outfits by Taiwanese Blogger feat. mizzue

Winter outfit - Get everybody’s eyes on me !!

The weather is being so weird recently. It was the warmest December but then the temperature suddenly dropped down to 5 degrees in these few days. Luckily I bought two winter coats to keep me warm few weeks ago. ( I did worry if the weather is gonna stay warm for a while and I wouldn’t have a chance to even wear my stunning coats throughout the winter :P )



1. Dawana Clavijo 

Today, I am gonna share my wonderful shopping experience with mizzue. So .. what’s on the list? Here is the first item I bought when it offered 50% exclusive sale online! Deffo one of the best style and one of my fave! As I know mizzue do offer free shipping and mega sale quite often, so I’d recommend you to keep eye on their facebook fan page and don’t miss their exclusive offers.

I know guys hate it but it’s the truth that women can never have enough shopping. Especially dresses, shoes, handbags and accessories! Well almost everything that we need, pretty much life essentials to us :D

To get ready for the Europe trip, this cross body bag is definitely a must-buy item. It is practical but also have a sense of western fashion. It comes with 2 detachable leather straps in different lengths for versatile wear. Even tho the bag doesn’t cost so much but it is in very high quality made.

Especially love this tan-tone, as it can easily mix and match with any outfit and will always look fashionable on any dressing. The front flap with buckle is the highlight of the bag to create a London look. Crafted from vegan leather and multiple interior pockets absolutely practical and you can store all your makeup tools, house keys and mobile phone safely. You can also get it in green colour for a classy style.                                          

This is one of the hottest item at mizzue. Available in 4 colours and I personally love the red one as the colour is sharp and girly. I wanted to get blue as it can easily suit on any outfit but when I thought about the party season, I just know red may be the better choice for a wedding, festival and party wear.



Excellent woven technique, shining silver logo, a couple of tassels at the front, and a zipper fastening at the bottom of the bag. Chic, sleek and stylish all in one bag.

Repost: A Glimpse of my Current Fave! Pom Pom Clutch

Hello beautiful peeps! Can you believe how fast this Winter has flown? Well, it makes me realise that it's time to update my seasonal wardrobe.

This time of year is met with lots of various party clutches, some of which could be fairly similar to the design all year round and some put together in beautifully thought out packing which would be the best thing for someone to open on a special occasion! When mizzue sent me an email about their New In This Week, I knew I had to share this beauty with you. I've owned so many clutches from mizzue and have quite a few bits in my clutch collection which I would be thrilled to recommend to anyone as they have a great variety of very good quality products. There is quite frankly something for everyone among these designs, personally I adore this Pom Pom Collection the most. If you're reading this while drinking a cuppa tea right now, let's start shopping with mizzue now!


A Day Out With mizzue Newest Arrivals - December 2015

Yesterday we went to Tsim Sha Tsui for mizzue latest collection photo shooting. If you are all about Winter & Autumn handbags, this collection is definitely tailored for you. Inspired by a Santa's Grotto to magical Christmas shops, we are specifically bringing you this festive fun creation this season. Imagine yourself carrying one of these precious pieces at Christmas, it will really get you into the spirit. Do you have your signature Christmas style? Come share with us on Instagram now. Follow us on Instagram @mizzuesg.
1. Lurlene Maleski
2. Jama Villane

The Best Essential Christmas Clutches

Christmas party season is coming even closer. Clutches are always our must-have items at Christmas time or going out with friends. So today, as we were just preparing our wish list for Christmas, We thought we'd write a post about the best festive out there, featuring mizzue as well. We've picked out some of our favourites that you can shop now. 

1. Shanika TilusEnvelope bags look fabulous and this one is no exception. A classic outline and retro, large patchwork stitching gives this design an amazingly stylish feel. The choice of surface finishing allows light to play off its surface creating a luxurious sheen. And when you need to keep your hands free, there’s a wrist strap and an included crossbody strap.

2. Alvina Kory
Clutch and cross body found in one creation. The bag can be used two ways according to your need. A modern style metal button is added to emphasize the unique design. Never worry about being out of date with a great combination of classic and modern!

3 & 4. Bethann Uscio -  Boho babe clutch made in soft suede and PU leather with long fringe trim, from Bethann Uscio. Topped with a long shoulder strap, and lined with soft cotton + inside compartment for organizing and protecting all your things.

5. Maragaret Sobel This chic and sophisticated clutch is perfect for every day. Designed with denim like flap-top that's sturdy for work, yet sleek enough for a night on the town! By Maragaret Sobel. Finished with long shoulder strap for going from day to night.

6. Mira OlivoThe best place online to satisfy your handbag shopping temptations. This is a place where you're free to have fun and to be inspired.

5 Tricks To Sleep Better At Night

We all need our beauty rest. It’s an essential part of our daily routine. Yes, we spend a lot of our living time sleeping. But we ladies need our rest to recharge our souls and to keep us looking our best. Here are a few tips that you might find useful to help you get the most out of your sweet dreams time.

1 - Stop With The Gadgets Early

It’s pretty clear across the board that our gadgets and gizmos and mobiles and tablets are contributing to our inability to get decent rest. It’s a known fact that the LCD backlight displays used in these devices emit a blue light that is similar to that found naturally during daylight. Our circadian rhythms (our biological clock) work in time to changes in the intensity and quality of light. It makes sense therefore, that if we expose ourselves to this “afternoon” light at night, our brains will naturally think it’s not time to sleep yet. So you should be looking to put down your devices at least an hour before bed time to let your brain understand it’s sleep time.

2 - Do A Brain Dump


Sometimes there’s a nagging problem at the back of your head, or a fear that you've forgotten to do something. Or maybe you just suddenly have an idea or thought that you need to get out of your head. A good way to deal with this before you sleep, is to write all your thoughts down on paper and keep it next to your bed. By transferring the contents onto paper, you’re freeing up your brain, it’s no longer concerned or stressed about loosing or forgetting anything. Having a note pad by your bedside gives you some assurance that even if you did forget something during the brain dump, you can capture it right away and then go back to sleep.

3 - Calm The Mind

In a similar vein to a brain dump is meditation. Meditation helps slow you down, soothes your mind, relaxes your breathing and returns some semblance of control back to you. The great thing about it is that you don’t even need it to be a long drawn out exercise. Start out with a few minutes and build up from there. There’s no rush after all. Just remember to control your environment as well. No TV/PC/games/music etc. Just you, the room and your breathing.

4 - Do Some Light Stretching

Some people find that light stretching helps to relax the body. Maybe you’ve had a long day at the office, or maybe you’ve been out and about. Your body is tired and likely a little stiff. Pop into a nice warm bath or shower and finish off with a little light stretching. Loosening up the muscles and joints helps blood circulation too. Keeping the body happy means your mind has one less distracting discomfort. Yoga can be good here too obviously.

5 - Plan Ahead For The Morning

Another idea is to develop a routine for preparing for the things you need in the morning. Lay out the clothes you want to wear, arrange your handbag, have what you need for breakfast ready etc. All these steps seem obvious, but they help greatly to remove the stresses of worrying about it in the morning. You can sleep easier knowing that all you need to do is to wake up and go through the motions.