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Valentine's Day Gifts - For Her

Yesterday we posted an entry on some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts that we thought guys might like. Today, we’re focusing on the other (more significant) half of the relationship. Us gals! Now, one would expect that on a day like Valentine’s, chocolates, flowers and a nice evening out would be standard fare. So we’re thinking we should set our sights further out a little. The relationship has been going on for a while right? Anything more than two dates surely counts? Isn’t it probably time to further bolster the relationship with a little profession of love on their part? Now some guys are likely going to start stressing out from all this lovey dovey talk. So let’s use this to our advantage. We’ll just make it “easier” for them to express their feelings towards us through the therapeutic effects (for us) of suggested shopping! ;-D Here are a few ways we wouldn’t mind our other halves telling us how important we are. Accessory upgrades - Going out with someone is serious business, we want to make sure we look our best for our other half right? So it’s more a necessity than a luxury to up our sparkle factor. Doesn’t have be all serious bling bling if we’re not so inclined, but a choice piece can make all the difference to a look! jewellery for her for valentines Stocktaking and beauty care - Taking care of appearances takes time, energy and beauty products. Luckily, many different combinations of products work equally well together. So it should be plenty simple to have a few items picked up over an afternoon. beauty care for her for valentines Bag ’em and hoof ’em - In the same vein, our bags and shoes are essential everyday gear. Our bags store the things that a girl needs to have with her and her shoes have to be comfortable for the activities that the day calls for. So constant “equipment” maintenance and upgrades are paramount. bags and shoes for her for valentines Beautiful fingers and toes - It’s obvious what the difference well manicured nails are. It sends a very clear signal that this girl takes herself seriously and takes care of herself. So it goes without saying that treating a girl to a manicure session says a lot about how well she’s regarded. Make sure your other half says it often! manicure for valentines Beautiful mind and body - It’s equally important for a gal to have some quality down time to relax and pamper her whole person. Spas just happen to cater to both the body and mind in the same go, so it must be cost effective right? And if there’s a need for some encouragement, just remind your beau that a healthy relationship is based on mental and “physical” sharing, so its important to be invested. Wahahahaha! spa for her for valentines Happy Valentine’s Day!

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