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Choosing A Bag For Your Body Shape

Here are a few tips for choosing a bag that complements and accentuates your figure. Your colour choice and the type of bag also has an influence on how you look, so experiment to find out what fits you best and remember to have fun. Fuller, wider upper body – Go for bags that have slightly longer straps to let the bag sit around your hipbone. Messenger bags or cross body bags are great here. Choose something that has details like buckles or drawstrings add some visual interest. A lower riding bag will help balance out your proportions Fuller, wider hips – Here you want a bag you can wear higher up on your body. A short strap and something with a little volume looks good. Shoulder bags and frame bags are great for balancing out your proportions. Get bags that ride a little higher if you have slightly fuller hips Straight hips and waist – Choose a bag that isn’t rigid, go for something that adds shape to your figure without calling too much attention to the wrong areas. A hobo would be a good choice here. Let your bag help define your figure Curvy and well rounded – Here, size does matter. You’ll need a bigger bag, but also something that is plain or sports vertical designs. A nice tote or larger box bag is great. Go for vertical patterns Petite and small – Avoid large bags. They only make you look smaller. While you’re at it, get bags that have shorter straps so you don’t look weighed down. Choose smaller sized bags, totes, flap bags, clutches – anything smaller sized is preferable. Petite ladies should go for smaller bags

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