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5 Tips To Start The Mornings With

Wake up feeling refreshed We’ve all experienced it. That horrible feeling in the morning where everything is grey and lifeless. You feel tired and miserable, the prospect of going to school or work or where ever seems like such a depressing proposition. Try these 5 tips to add some perkiness back into your morning routine and see if they don’t help lift your day just a little. #1 Go To Bed Early – Doh! That seems obvious enough. But seriously, sleeping at a reasonable hour gives you sufficient time wind down and get dozy for bed. Avoid TV, tablets, phones, etc., anything that emits a bright light. These trick your brain into thinking it’s still early. Getting enough sleep rids you of the panda eyes too! #2 Exercise Light – A little stretching, bouncing and toe touching helps get the blood circulating. By touching your toes, you’re pushing more blood into your head which helps clear the morning fog a little. Don’t worry if your toes seem a little out of reach — just get up and move around! #3 Eat Right – If you’re really feeling sleep deprived, chances are you might be starving. Even if not, go straight to a high fibre, low fat breakfast to jump start your system. Eating oatmeal for instance keeps your energy levels up and your tummy fuller for longer. #4 Get Hydrated – We loose water as we sleep through the moisture in the breath we exhale. It’s a good idea to drink some water when you wake up. This gives your body enough fluids to flush out the night’s toxins and also maintains your blood volume, which in turn maintains proper blood and oxygen flow to the brain. #5 Meditate – Strange as it might sound, actually just stopping and collecting yourself before you leave the house may aid in improving your concentration and mood. Giving yourself some private time allows you to visualise your day ahead and restore a sense of calm and control.

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