The mizzue Life

1st Customer At The Showroom!

This has got to be right up there on the list of our favourite mizzue moments! We just made our first purchase at the showroom! We weren’t even prepared when the visitor said that she’d like to make a purchase. It all happened so fast! She started out by trying on a few shoes and seemed to fancy a pair of maroon slip-on ankle boots that was decorated with studs along the heel. It wasn’t surprising she would go for that given that she came in a pair of Dr Martins. Getting ready to try on some shoes After that, she moved on to the handbags and tried a few purple shoulder bags. She went for box bags with a simple buckle flip over closure. Trying on a handbag After looking around, she finally settled on the shoes and asked to pay for them, at which point, we kinda panicked LOL. After the initial confusion and writing (and messing up) the receipt, we made our sale. Yea! Purchase made

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