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5 Trending, Easy Winter Outfits

Stylish and chic, knee-length coats are great for setting the tone for an outfit. Light, earth tones look fab for cooler climates and opens up options for colour matching. Pair with a simple dress shirt and fitted jeans in blue for a smart, yet casually sophisticated vibe. Knock up a pair of ankle boots and a saddle bag and you’re rocking!

Leather jackets are and will remain, a perennial favourite for winter. They match with just about any look you have in mind. Put on a black turtleneck, matching skirt, stockings, boots, and you have the makings of a gorgeously simple outfit that throws down a little attitude too! Go for an urban-inspired, minimal backpack to complete the look!

For a more casual and comfy option, how about some baggy sweatpants and a loose pullover or sweater? Muted colours go well together with this type of outfit, but a little colour won’t hurt either. Loose clothing offers greater freedom of movement so you can feel more relaxed and comfortable. All you need now is a cup of tea or a soft pillow to hug. 


If you’re looking to energise things a little, how about adding a sharp splash of colour? Red never fails to do the trick! Start with a basic white top, either a tee, or if colder, a turtleneck. Then slap on a pair of white trousers. Pair things off with a red jacket and long boots. Finish the look with a simple clutch. Instant glam!

To get a more urban inspired feel, mix things up a little. Build your look around a patterned top, pair this with a plain coloured trouser and boots or heels. A windbreaker or bomber jacket would look cool here. Carry your gear in a practical backpack and kit out with a beret or other accessories!



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