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5 Simple DIY Accessories To Make

Accessorising a look doesn’t have be an expensive exercise. A little creativity, some helpful odds and ends lying around and an adventurous spirit are all you need. Here, we’ve gathered 5 super simple and awesomely cool DIY accessories projects from around the web for you to try. All of them can be completed in an afternoon. Hope these will serve as an example to get your own DIY creative accessory juices going. Try them out and see how things go!

1) Freestyle Headbands

These headbands are not only incredibly simple to make, they are also deceptively stylish! All you need are a strip of fabric and a piece of elastic. The resulting look is as creative as the fabric you choose. But the gem is in how quick and easy it is to set this up. Take a look here.

2) Understated Embroidery Wrapped Hair Combs

Aside from being an essential tool in the fight against bad hair days, the humble comb rarely gets a second thought. This brilliant idea takes the hair comb to a new level of practicality. Transform your comb into a posh accessory you can wear, and have the tools you need to keep your hair in check all day! Instructions here.

3) Turn Your Necklaces Into Hairbands

We’ve all been there at some point before. Our prized beaded necklace snaps or just seems to have lost its lustre. Well now, here’s a way to breathe new life into them by turning them into gorgeous headbands that will transform your look. Check out the instructions here.

4) Upgraded Elastic Hair Tie

This project is perfect for those of us who like to reach for the nearest hair tie. Whether its to just throw our hair together to get hands-on with something, or whether its the only thing we know what to do with our hair, this tip is priceless for its simplicity and ability to upgrade our accessories. Follow the instructions here.

5) Deceptively Simple Leather Hair Tie

Yet another, fantastically quick and easy project to try out. The leather look has a real polished quality to it and since it’s so easy, you can make tons of these before-hand and in different colours to suit your mood. Take a look here.

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