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Start Your Day Like A Champ

Sometimes, it seems quite impossible to wake up feeling renewed and refreshed even if you’ve actually managed to bag 8 solid hours of quality sleep. Despite our best efforts, there's a cloud that hangs over our heads. Luckily, there are things we can do to help disperse the fog and get us as prepared as possible for the day ahead. Here are 5 simple tips to get your day started right.

1 Meditation

Yup, you read right. Give your brain some time to sort itself out and clear off the mental cobwebs. You want to spend a few minutes to just be free of thought. Get yourself as comfortable as you can and just be quiet and still. Focus on your breathing or if you can feel it, the beating of your heart. Bring yourself back if you find your mind wandering. It’s the perfect way to adjust for the day. Start with a few minutes and build on it as you gain proficiency.

2 Stretching

After a night’s rest, your muscles and joints are likely to be a little stiff. Develop a stretching routine and gently go through it. It’s important to take it nice and slow as many of us girls have slightly lower blood pressures in the morning. We want to avoid being dizzy and lightheaded. A good stretch gives your body time to wake up and lets your blood circulation flow smoothly again.

3 Rehydrate

We loose a significant amount of moisture during sleep. Since our body operates best at an optimum hydration level, it makes sense to replenish the fluids we’ve lost overnight as soon as we wake up. A simple warm glass of water and a slice of lemon would suffice, or go for your favourite breakfast smoothie. Sure, most wouldn’t think twice about reaching for a cup of joe, but hold that off until you’ve had a chance to drink some water as coffee is a natural diuretic and you’ll end up passing more fluids out in no time.

4 Scalp Massage

This could be one of the universe’s most underrated early morning routines ever! A nice, thick brush with rounded bristles can perform miracles! The brushing motion stimulates the nerve endings in your scalp and promotes blood flow and circulation. It relaxes the scalp, which in turn allows your forehead and facial muscles to loosen up as well. It does wonders for your hair and you end up feeling nice and tension-free.

5 Smiling And Positive Thoughts

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that have the greatest impact. A simple act of kindness, a helping hand. These little things often have the greatest power to motivate us to reach towards betterment — for ourselves and others. Try giving yourself a couple of big smiles in the mirror before you leave the house. Looking at a face smiling back at you has measurable psychological benefits. Give it a try!

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