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Taking Better Holiday Pictures

Taking Better Holiday Pictures

There are no hard and fast rules about taking better pictures. After all, it’s a very subjective matter. However there are plenty of rules of thumbs that you can use to guide you towards improving the way you take pictures for a given subject matter. The tips we gathered here are intended to expand the way you look at photography. There are no right or wrong approaches, just different ways of expression. We have found that there are generally three key elements to a great picture: what’s in the picture, colour and the moment. Nail any of these and you’ve already got a great thing going.

Equipment Doesn’t (Really) Matter

It’s nice to have the best gear, but it’s often not necessary. What you have in your hand is the best equipment to use. 

See Eye-To-Eye 

Especially with little ones or pets! Go low, down to the floor if you have to. Having the picture taken at the eye level of vertically-challenged subjects creates a perspective that is interesting for everyone else. 

The Time Of Day

If you’re taking photos outdoors, try to avoid shooting at noon. You get really harsh shadows (especially under the eyes) and and things tend to look whitewashed. If you can, go for either early morning or sunset during the “golden hour”, when sunlight has its softest, most dreamy quality. 

Fill The Frame/Go Off-centre

You remember those family photos where everyone is right in the centre and like way small? Think about what’s the most important part of the picture, and try to fill the picture with it. If it’s a family, make sure everyone fits snugly within the edges. If it’s a smaller group, get comfortably close, but put the subjects a bit to the left or the right. 

Use Apps

If you’re using a smartphone, don’t hesitate to try different apps that give you more picture taking options. Explore these and play with the settings available to you.

Be Creative

The camera is a creative tool. Even the simplest of devices offers some control over the way the picture is taken. Tilt the camera, put it out of focus, get waaaay close to something etc. Experiment and keep shooting. Try different variations and see what you get.

Look For The “Boring”

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a moment only to miss other interesting and engaging themes. Things like reflections, shadows, shapes, patterns and chaos for example, all make great pictures. There’s often a great picture hiding in plain sight. You just have to look carefully.

5 Trending, Easy Winter Outfits

Stylish and chic, knee-length coats are great for setting the tone for an outfit. Light, earth tones look fab for cooler climates and opens up options for colour matching. Pair with a simple dress shirt and fitted jeans in blue for a smart, yet casually sophisticated vibe. Knock up a pair of ankle boots and a saddle bag and you’re rocking!

Leather jackets are and will remain, a perennial favourite for winter. They match with just about any look you have in mind. Put on a black turtleneck, matching skirt, stockings, boots, and you have the makings of a gorgeously simple outfit that throws down a little attitude too! Go for an urban-inspired, minimal backpack to complete the look!

For a more casual and comfy option, how about some baggy sweatpants and a loose pullover or sweater? Muted colours go well together with this type of outfit, but a little colour won’t hurt either. Loose clothing offers greater freedom of movement so you can feel more relaxed and comfortable. All you need now is a cup of tea or a soft pillow to hug. 


If you’re looking to energise things a little, how about adding a sharp splash of colour? Red never fails to do the trick! Start with a basic white top, either a tee, or if colder, a turtleneck. Then slap on a pair of white trousers. Pair things off with a red jacket and long boots. Finish the look with a simple clutch. Instant glam!

To get a more urban inspired feel, mix things up a little. Build your look around a patterned top, pair this with a plain coloured trouser and boots or heels. A windbreaker or bomber jacket would look cool here. Carry your gear in a practical backpack and kit out with a beret or other accessories!



Handbag Fashion Trends To Look Out For In 2016

It's good to keep abreast of happenings in the world of fashion. You can often spot something that might work for you. Keep an open, curious mind and experiment. You never know what you might end up with. Here, we picked out a few tends we're noticing from around and made a few notes. See what you think.



The military theme has made its way into mainstream street fashion. Designs feature a mix of practicality with a touch of utilitarian styling. Large outside pockets, quick access flaps and blocked colours add a cool and trendy twist to today’s urban vibe.



Old school ideas often enjoy periods of revival, shaping and influencing modern day design interpretations. Rich caramel colours and warm coffee hues are classic, whilst pastel colours work so well with soft and supple materials. Classic hardware styles also feature, adding to that special ageless look.



Punchy and bright colours will continue to feature in the coming seasons to inject some vitality and energy. Formal and casual designs get colour updates to details like handle straps and accents. Neon off-colour shades also contribute to this wonderful mix.



Studded details add an extra visual dimension. The patterns they produce, the subtle shifts in colour, can totally transform the entire design. Attitude, vibe, sophistication, it’s all in the details.


Slouch Clutch

Soft and wonderful to hold, these clutch bags infuse a chic, yet classy look. Luxurious and sophisticated, they uplift any outfit. Details like subtle branding and embossing, further elevates the posh touch.

[ travel X mizzue ] My Unexpected Trip To Japan

My trip to Japan happened at the last minute and quite unexpectedly (only because my planned Taiwan trip ended up being too expensive!!)

Even a modest pool-equipped B&B can set you back NTD43K!

On my birthday last year, I booked myself for a super expensive "glass house" B&B in the Yilan district.

I mean, ok, it's supposed to be a super expensive place right? (after checking into the room, I found two leftover lunch boxes in the mini fridge....?)

So in the end, I cancelled my booking and decided to go to Japan and found a nice little ryokan on Airbnb. Check out my adventures below!!


Today, I want to first share my experience with two lovely handbags from mizzue.

I ordered these before I left and surprisingly they arrived from Hong Kong within 4 days!

I'm used to having to wait much longer....


The Grand, Mira Olvio!

This is the mizzue Mira Olivo! When I bought it, it was on sale with a 35% discount.

The two bags I'm reviewing are dual-use designs.

I guess most girls won't think to bring a clutch out with them.

That's why I don't have many.

Those that I do have are like this dual-use type (attach the strap and it becomes a shoulder bag).

I don't have anything in gold, but when I saw this on offer with an attractive discount, I didn't hesitate to stuff it into my shopping cart!

I love this patchwork style design.

Sure, it might look a little plain, but I love the hardware and the way it's put together.

And it might look small, but it actually holds quite a bit!

There are three internal compartments and an outside pocket.

It really surprised me how it managed to fit my cosmetics, my iPhone 6+, Agnes b. wallet, blotting paper, passport and SONY NEX-5R camera!

The rose-gold colour is super understated, yet attractive.

I would never have imagined that the elegance of the rose-gold would carry over so well in an informal and casual design.

A few days later, I decided to go for a flowing, floral print overall and white T. The Mira Olivo at my side.

Whilst it's not real leather, there's texture and the quality is wonderful.


The lovely Sheree Devot!

 I got the Sheree Devot when it was offered at a around 40% discount



 This one is a little smaller but although I couldn't carry my SONY NEX-5R with it, I still had my cosmetics/iPhone 6+/Agnes B. medium wallet/facial tissues and passport all nice and snug inside.

This summer, I bought a lot of things in white.

Really, I had no idea I had bought so many things in the same colour.

Last month, on a Korean online bid site, I came across the same adorable tasseled flap bag offered by three sellers. (Sadly, all three said they were out of stock!!).

I saw the Sheree Devot at mizzue and there was a great discount going.

I figured it would look superb with my full-length red cotton dress I plan to wear on my birthday.

I chose the white and black one because it had a wonderful envelope bag feel.

The mizzue logo is placed in the middle at the top and looks quite nice. It's there but not in an overly attention seeking way.

If you want a more graceful look, use it as a clutch.

If it's a casual look or you want the convenience of a shoulder bag, just attach the included shoulder strap.

I love the way you get to choose how to wear it depending on your mood.

It was a good thing I chose this dress too!

It was super super hot in Japan (it would have been nice if the slits were a little higher!)

This combination of the red from the dress and the white from the clutch looks rather me doesn't it?

Being someone used to shopping for accessories from Korea, naturally my expectations may sometimes be a little optimistic.

These two designs are from mizzue's discount selection and they're actually quite ok!

An opportunity to travel and a new bag to use. So yeah, I'm pretty pleased!

Do you like them?

For When You Need To Put Your Feet Up

Arn't these adorable? These pointe flats are so dainty and cute! Don't they just shout, "hey it's time to make taking it easy look good!"?

The transparent upper lets your well-manicured nail colours shine through, adding to the playfulness of the design. Great for a day out of fun and laughter.