The mizzue Life

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

It’s true that saying! One of our designers has taken ill recently. A case of food poisoning. His absence was particularly noticeable not just because of the empty desk he left behind, but because his usually bubbly and cheerful personality was missing. Missing a friend It’s so so easy to take what we have for granted. We realise too late that we might be missing something only when it’s too late. Let’s remember to never take anything for granted. Give your loved ones a hug. Tell people how you feel. Not that they might have forgotten, but because we want them never to forget it! XXX

What Are BB Creams?

BB Creams have been pretty popular for some time now. They are sometimes called Blemish Balms, Blemish Bases and even Beauty Balms. But what are they and what are they good for? Basically, BB Creams combine a primer or foundation, moisturiser, sunscreen and a tint. They’re great if you want a quick and easy make up routine. What are BB Creams? Although it sounds wonderful, BB Creams come in differently types and no single cream works best for every skin type, so you should still take the time to find one that works for you. BB Creams are great in one sense because they are super convenient in a “one tube to rule them all” kinda way. Just toss it in your purse and go. They generally have a high SPF rating and most include a little vitamin C for good measure. But bear in mind that unlike when you’re layering, you may need to reapply throughout the day, especially if you live in a hot and humid climate. Finally, don’t forget to ask about the product benefits of the individual product to make sure it suits your needs before you try. Have fun!

Taking An Ice Cream Bag For A Spin

Curiously named (presumably for it’s gelato cone shape), the ice cream bag is both functional and fun to use. It’s worn like a shoulder strap bag, but rides like a hip pouch. Taking an ice cream bag for a spin Its small size is its real attraction here. Because of its sloped, tapered bottom, it looks smaller than it is, but still manages to carry quite a bit inside. Small but very practical

Cute Everyday Office Bag

Need a cute bag to use for everyday office use? How about this delightful box bag? Cute everyday office bag It’s big enough to hold your phone, wallet, keys, cosmetics bag and still have space spare for other nix and nacks. Cute, functional and ready to go

Designing for fun

Since mizzue started, we’ve been doing a lot of our own bag designs. We learned a lot about which bag designs strike a cord with customers and are just starting to pick out the subtle nuances in the designs that customers like. Perhaps its the colour, or the material, or a specific cutting. Designing products that we hope customers will like Taking these into account, we started designing our own and incorporating what we’ve learnt. We know that trends change and preferences shift, so we’re aiming at a moving target, but that’s what makes it all even more fun! Having fun creating fun, new products After all, fashion needs to also be fun right?